I wish to submit my feature-length mystery thriller screenplay/novel, Mona Lisa’s Secret for your consideration.

It’s Da Vinci Code meets National Treasure

Log Line:

When the great-grandson of an infamous art thief discovers he’s in possession of the priceless Mona Lisa — leading an unscrupulous Louvre curator to take his girlfriend hostage — he struggles to use the piece as a bargaining chip to rescue her while uncovering a family secret that has the potential to rewrite history.

I’m a bestselling author of four novels – looking to get them optioned and on the big screen.

It has been thirteen years since the “Da Vinci Code” and I believe “Mona Lisa’s Secret” will appeal to the same wide audience.

If you’re interested,  please let me know and I’ll send you a copy immediately.


Best Regards,
Phil Philips

Mona Lisa's Secret Script and book

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