Another piece of the puzzle falls into place.


The huge slabs of stone that make up the most iconic structures at Stonehenge came from about 25km away, according to chemical analysis. Since the 1500s, most Stonehenge scholars have assumed the 6- to 7-meter tall, 20-metric-ton sarsen stones came from nearby Marlborough Downs, and a recent study by the University of Brighton archaeologist David Nash and his colleagues has now confirmed that.

But the real question still remains … what was this giant circular structure built for?

REASON 1.  For Ancient Celtic pagans to worship their gods?

REASON 2.  For many, this orientation suggests that ancient astronomers may have used Stonehenge as a kind of solar calendar to track the movement of the sun and moon and mark the changing seasons.

REASON 3.  New excavations in recent years, however, have unearthed a different theory based on hundreds of human bones found at the site, dating across 1,000 years and showing signs of cremation before burial. The presence of these remains suggests that Stonehenge could have served as an ancient burial ground as well as a ceremonial complex and temple of the dead.

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Archaeologists find the source of Stonehenge Sarsen Stones but what was the structure built for