Phil Philips Meets Matthew Reilly


It was Monday night at the Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace. Matthew Reilly’s “The Great Zoo Of China” release event. We finally got to meet. Being a massive fan of his work, I found him to be down to earth and a great guy to talk too. My wife Marie was also there and like all wives was trying to promote her own husband. lol… Matthew took the time and gave me some invaluable advice on becoming a successful author. We walked away smiling and with signed copies we would always cherish.

Matthew-Reilly's-booksPhil-Philips-and-Matthew-Reilly-handshake Phil-Philips-and-Matthew-Reilly1Phil-Philips-and-Matthew-Reilly2

At the end of the night his DeLorean was parked out back, his window was slightly ajar, so I did what any upcoming author would do and slipped him a business card…  The wife and I had a laugh and took some more photo’s with the car, knowing our own children would absolutely love them, being big fans of the “Back To The Future” franchise.


That night I wondered, what would Matthew do with my business card?

Would he throw it away?

Or would he check out my website and read my first chapter?

Only time would tell… either way, great night.



Phil Philips Meets the Great Matthew Reilly